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Killboard Stats
The database contains: 34.044.375 killmails 523.035 Corporations, 11.941 Alliances
KB Source Version: 3.2.3 (Dev 1437)
EVE Source Release: (Incursion)
EVSCO Revision: 1.0

EVE-DEV Killboard Source
Killboard source developed by the EVE-Dev group.
All EVE graphics and data used are property of CCP.

Original Creators: rig0r, exi, Beansman, Ralle030583
Original Contributors: Coni, EDG, FriedRoadKill, JaredC01, Karbowiak, Mitchman, bunjiboys and liquidism
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EVSCO Development Info
The Killboard is maintained and upgraded by the EVE Service Corp
For more information visit
Current Developers: Squizz Caphinator, Karbowiak and Hyperbeanie
For Live support please visit

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3rd party tools used
Big thanks to Peter Powers for Pheal, which powers the new API system
General Killboard Information
Kills & Real Kills, Kill Points and Efficiency
Points & Values
Ship Points & Values

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