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Corporation details - Nexus Advanced Technologies
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Alliance: CEO: Shinngen
Kills: 7681 HQ: Ikuchi VI - Moon 15 - Imperial Armaments Warehouse
Losses: 1018 Members: 5
Damage done (ISK): 1283.39B Shares: 100000
Damage received (ISK): 97.38B Tax Rate: 20%
Efficiency: 92.95% Website:
Nexus Advanced Technologies is a Hi SEC corp, taking some time off from Null Sec.
For more info contact a Diplo or join channel: NEXAT PUB
Applications must include FULL API.
Valarie Rikeen,
Shinngen, Shingana
Month Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
January, 201318634.134715.0069.47%
December, 201227126.10856.7679.41%
November, 201231444.89935.4789.14%
October, 2012427118.32856.8994.50%
September, 20121,126158.7213416.1790.76%
August, 20121,576231.05815.8697.53%
July, 201216632.98341.2596.35%
June, 2012493.3890.8579.93%
May, 20121119.46192.0981.91%
April, 201245650.35341.8096.54%
March, 201273362.58362.9595.50%
February, 201221116.51284.0580.32%
January, 2012566120.99569.4892.73%
December, 2011605167.50242.1198.76%
November, 20116218.84100.6396.75%
October, 201128529.28432.2792.81%
September, 201119539.55635.9486.94%
August, 201121343.18593.3592.79%
July, 20117814.99372.2986.73%
June, 20115160.60412.1796.54%


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